Study Breaks Writing

Each of my weekly pieces published during my internship (June 1-Sept. 25) as a writer at

Ali Wong’s Funny and Touching ‘Dear Girls’ Puts Her Comedy to the Page (June 11)

Nico Walker’s ‘Cherry’ Tells a Devastating Story of Addiction and Crime (June 19)

‘The Flatshare’ Proves Romance Can Have Emotions Beyond Falling in Love (June 28)

Written Connections is the Pen Pal Project That’s Perfect for Quarantine (July 10)

Singer Lauv Creates His Own Silver Linings During Quarantine (July 12)

Why You Should Stop Reading That Novel You Hate (July 21)

‘Palm Springs’ Is a Time Loop Worth Getting Stuck In (July 27)

Will Teletherapy Stay Popular Even After Quarantine Ends? (Aug. 3)

Refreshing Your Space Could Be The Change You Are Looking For (Aug. 10)

The Storytelling of Taylor Swift Includes a Rainbow of Colors (Aug. 18)

Emma Lord’s Debut Novel, ‘Tweet Cute,’ Is the Perfect Gen-Z Romance (Aug. 24)

Spoken Word Clips on Bastille’s ‘Wild World’ Take the Past Into the Present (Sept. 1)

Beth O’Leary’s ‘The Switch’ Lacks What Made Her Debut so Impactful (Sept. 7)

The ‘Derry Girls’ Soundtrack is More Than Just Good Music (Sept. 20)

Become a More Informed Consumer With These 4 Apps (Sept. 24)

Nina Nesbitt’s Quarantine Creations Are Putting Her Ahead of Other Artists (Oct. 7)

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