Nerd Q&A with Emma (@thewalkingread)

Hey, guys! If you’re on Instagram (bookstagram), then you may know Emma (@thewalkingread), who is awesome/a huge nerd. I loved doing this Q&A with her, and I hope you enjoy reading this!

First, tell us a little bit about your(wonderful)self, and where readers can find you on the internet!

I’m Emma, enthusiast of all things nerdy, especially films & books(!!) I’ve been on bookstagram for a little over a year now,  and you can find me @thewalkingread on the ‘gram

What are your main fandoms?

Harry Potter was my very first fandom, but others include Percy Jackson, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Sherlock, & Marvel!

If you could recommend one book to someone, what would it be?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

What are your favorite books/tv shows?

I love any book by Rick Riordan & The Walking Dead is my favorite show of all time

What’s your favorite genre?

Hmm.. I read a LOT of contemporary, but I love dystopian & fantasy as well

What do you watch/read after a bad day? (old favorites, guilty pleasures)

Stranger Things is my comfort show, and I’ll usually snuggle up with a cute contemporary, anything by Maureen Johnson or Stephanie Perkins

Do you listen to music while you read?

No, I can never focus! I wish I could though!

QUICK: Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?


Who are your favorite bookstagrammers?

@hayaisreading and @booksenchanted were the reasons I started bookstagram! I adore @eviebookish as well, she’s a good friend of mine!

What are your favorite bookish shops (candles, bookmarks, subscription boxes, etc)?

Frostbeard is the BEST candle shop EH-VAH, my go to for bookmarks would be the wonderful LexyOlivia & Happy Hello Co, and my favorite sub box is OwlCrate, but I want to try FairyLoot SO BAD!

If you could be best friends with one of the Stranger Things kids, who would it be? (I’d pick Finn, so he’s mine 😉 pick someone else)

Noah (Schnapp) is such an adorable bean sprout, so I’d love to be friends with him! He’s so funny & sweet

What Hogwarts house/Ilvermorny house/Camp Half-Blood cabin are you in?

Cabin Eleven-Hermes, Gryffindor, & Thunderbird 🙂

What is your patronus?

An otter

How do you organize your bookshelf?

I always change it up, but right now I have it by hardback & paperback

If you could get one author to write a book about your life, who would you choose?

Honestly, I’d choose John Green because he is so incredible

QUICK: paperbacks or hardcovers? NOTE: Emma took a long time to answer but I made her choose


Are there any YA tropes you can’t stand? 

Dead parents, love triangles, main characters that suck, predictable love

Who is your favorite fictional love interest? (gimme your book boyfriends, Emma, you know you want to talk about how cute they are)

Josh Wasserstein (Isla and the Happily Ever After), Etienne St Clair (Anna and the French Kiss), Peter Kavinsky (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Leo Valdez (The Heroes of Olympus), Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games),  Richard Gansey II (The Raven Cycle) (I’m very picky haha)

How do you find time to read when you have a busy schedule?

3 words.. Books Over Sleep

What are your favorite things about the bookstagram/blog community?

The acceptance!!! I love the freedom I have to express myself & to see others express themselves with so much support.. such a beautiful thing

Huge thanks to Emma for being a part of this, make sure to check out her cool photography on @thewalkingread on Instagram! Keep on the look out for some reviews throughout the week from me, happy reading!

xx, J

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