TOP TEN: Character Groups

Hi everyone! If you follow other bookish blogs, there are a million different features (#tagtuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, etc) so I decided to start Top Ten posts on Books for Julia! It’s two of my favorite things: books + making lists 🙂 In my review for Marissa Meyer’s Winter, I talk (for a couple words) about how much I love the Rampion gang in the Lunar Chronicles and how they are one of my top ‘gangs’ in any book. So here are my top ten character friend groups/gangs (in no particular order):

The Golden Trio (Harry Potter): Ron, Hermione, Harrytumblr_n0qwnvq6Gv1t0l3s8o1_500.gif

This one is pretty obvious. I wanted a friendship like
Ron, Harry and Hermione’s throughout the series, and I still do (minus the tiny love triangle thing going on in the last parts of the series).

The Raven Boys + Blue (The Raven Cycle): Gansey, Ronan, Noah, Adam, Blue

Oh my gosh, I love these five characters so much it’s not even okay. They all take care of each other, they search for dead welsh kings together, they drive in Gansey’s car together, all while making me so happy while simultaneously breaking my heart. I haven’t even read The Raven King, but I’m so scared that the group is going to get broken up, and I won’t be able to handle that, because I love them all so much.

Shadowhunters of NYC Institute (The Mortal Instruments): Jace, Clary, Alec, Isabelle

+ Simon (spoiler?? ish) It starts of pretty rocky for the group in the beginning of TMI, but I like how it isn’t instant friendship between them. The progression of their team and relationships is so nice to notice as you read through the series, and their whole journey in City of Heavenly Fire was not only epic, but fun to read because of their dynamic as they try to save the Shadow world.

Anna + friends from SOAP (Anna and the French Kiss): Anna, St. Clair, Meredith, Rashmi, Josh

It was hard for me to decide whether this would be the group in Anna and the French Kiss or Anna, St. Clair, Cricket, Lola, Josh and Isla. But, we didn’t really get to see the dynamic of the main six together, so I went with these five. They have so much fun and crack so many jokes while also being there for each other in times of need, I felt immediately drawn to them when reading AATFK. (BONUS: Josh and St. Clair always joking about being in a secret relationship)

Sloane’s List (Since You’ve Been Gone): Emily, Frank, Collins, Dawn

I should just call them the indoor camping squad, because that’s what they are. The core four in SYBG are only together for a few short summer months, but they are so close and cool (this is the only word that comes into my mind at this point…I’m so lame). From Dawn and Emily being annoyed at Collins and Frank’s Beatles game to Frank, Dawn and Collins going to Emily’s horseback ride to cheer her on, they make SYBG the perfect summer read. 🙂

The Seven (Heroes of Olympus): Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank

AKA The Argo II crew! This is another group that had a bunch of character development (ex: Frank and Leo’s initial fighting and Percy and Jason’s power struggles) but they go through so much together that they are so obviously friends for life after their ordeals. It does make me sad that they are an odd number, so when they all pair off, Leo was always by himself. 😦 anyways, #demigodsquadgoals

Shadowhunters of LA Institute (The Dark Artifices): Emma, Julian, Christina, Tiberius, Livvy, Dru, Tavvy

Reading about everyone getting together to solve crime and find out who killed Emma’s parents was so fun in Lady Midnight! Especially when they were all sneaking around behind their instructors backs to meet and discuss things. I’m really excited to read the next book in TDA!

Support Group Trio (The Fault in Our Stars): Hazel, Augustus, Isaacfault17.gif

EGGING CARS. Seriously, this book is so so sad, but this friendship is probably my favorite part of this story. Plus, they all understand how hard cancer is, and they’re all there for each other when things get hard. *sobbing*

The Mysterious Benedict Society (The Mysterious Benedict Society): Reynie, Kate, Sticky, Constance

Okay, so no one really knows about this series, but they are one of my childhood favorites. Each of these characters is so different, but they work together in awesome ways that is sometimes overlooked in books. They problem solve in such interesting and unique ways while still being kids and enjoying life. Aaaand now I want to reread these books.

The Rampion Crew (The Lunar Chronicles): Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Thorne, Winter, Jacin, Iko

AND FINALLY THE RAMPION CREW. Seriously, this group is so special to me, even though I’ve only been in love with The Lunar Chronicles since March, I love all nine of them more than is acceptable. They are not only so kind and funny, but they work extremely well together and start a revolution (!!) to save the people of Earth and Luna. They take care of each other, and know how to support one another when things are hard (seriously, there is so much angst but also so many brotps how do I survive). ❤

And that’s a wrap on my first Top Ten post! What did you think of my choices? Do you have a favorite character group? Let me know! Until next time, happy reading!

Julia 🙂


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