REVIEW: Tooth Goblins by Ash Toroid

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Series: Tooth Goblins #1

Published: July 4 2015

My copy: Kindle edition

My rating: 3.75/5 stars

Summary: When Ellie’s older brother is turning thirteen, she wants to see the ‘transformation’ into a teenager for herself. Ellie hides in a cupboard and waits. She is shocked to witness her brother kidnapped by goblins and replaced with a clone. A passing Tooth-Fairy is drawn by the use of magic and gets caught up in the commotion, to discover that Ellie is descended from the legendary Merlin. Together they embark upon an adventure for Ellie to rescue her brother, whose destiny begins to take shape as he must attempt to incite a rebellion against the goblins that try to enslave him. The siblings’ combine their efforts with the fairies in their fateful struggle against the Tooth-Goblins. [Goodreads]


Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review (thanks!)

So, if you haven’t realized, I’ve been in a sort of reading slump this past week. All the books I’ve picked up I wasn’t able to finish. But I’m back now and better than ever!! 🙂

I love the idea of Tooth Goblins. When you turn thirteen (officially becoming a teenager) goblins replace you with a clone so you can fight in a magical war? Sounds good to me. The world created in Tooth Goblins is really intricate with a lot of creatures and different powers. Although there were a few things I didn’t like (more on that later) I enjoyed the story and the ideas.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Gone to save the world.

Back before you know it.

Love you,


This is the first time I’ve read a story like this one, so I appreciate the unique factor. The book starts out really strong with Ellie seeing her brother being kidnapped and meeting a fairy named Rayk, who explains the situation to her.

“You humans seem to think it’s normal for boys to change like that when they become teenagers.”

Ellie is a headstrong, smart 9 year old, which is why I like her so much. She is so intrigued by this new world she has discovered, but she’s also afraid when weird things happen (it would be weird if she wasn’t scared a little bit). Her loyalty to her brother Duncan, who was taken by the goblins, is what keeps her going through her adventure and it’s nice to see her keeping her focus even when the fairies try to keep her with them to fight against the goblins, she has her priorities. Of course, she’s also the descendant of Merlin, who helped the fairies defeat the goblins many years prior. Ellie and her brother each have something that helps them with their magic (a wand and a ring) and I was really interested in their connection to Merlin throughout the story. There were many points of focus throughout the book that kept me interested, but there were still times where I was bored.

I feel like I should’ve been reading this at a much faster pace, but there were times that I was going so slowly I was getting confused as to what was happening. The writing style didn’t jump out at me, which was probably why the story felt so slow at times. I was also a bit disappointed with the ending, which I realize is supposed to set up a sequel, but it didn’t really leave me wanting more that much. I would also have liked to have more time with Ellie and Duncan together, just to prove why she would fight goblins and go to another world to save her brother. Overall, it left me wanting just a little more.

This book was super cute and I loved the idea of it! Ellie is a great protagonist, especially for the age group that this book is written for. There are some things that I wasn’t crazy about, but other than that I was very happy with it! Thank you so much to Ash Toroid for sending me his book!

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