REVIEW: A Lost Legacy: Awakening by C. E. Dimond

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Series: Lost Legacies

Published: July 9, 2015

My copy: ebook, 270 pages

My rating: 2/5 stars

Summary: Finn Adams thought she knew what her life had in store for her; a mundane existence of day to day life. The arrival of a stranger in town turns her world upside down. When her mother goes missing, Finn soon discovers that she is a witch and she is being hunted for her power. Ripped from the only life she’s ever known, Finn is transported across the country to Broadhaven, Maine to discover the secrets she never knew about herself, her heritage, and the tremendous power that’s been kept from her for so long. Her loyalties are tested when she learns of her true parentage and discovers she is part of a prophecy, destined to awaken an ancient power that has been lost for centuries . As she struggles to learn from her mother’s past, she is faced with the ultimate struggle of good and evil, family or friends, she must learn who she can trust and find the power within herself to stop the prophecy from coming true. [Goodreads]

I received a free ebook by signing up on the author’s website in exchange for an honest review, and this does not affect my review in any way.

Just a little back story on how I got this ebook: I saw something on Instagram about a free ebook and when I looked it up on Goodreads to see what it was about I saw that it had a really high rating average and a bunch of positive reviews, so I figured it must be good and got the copy to read.

I really didn’t like this book. It feels weird to say that, and I feel kind of guilty, but I shouldn’t feel bad about sharing my honest opinion, so here it is: The idea was good, but the plot, execution, characters and writing ruined the whole thing for me. That might seem a bit harsh, but I was struggling to get through this, and it’s not even 300 pages. I was intrigued by the whole Ireland/witches/warlocks/evil dad/missing mom thing going on, but it was hard for me to get past the obvious issues. First of all, the main character, Finn, is pretty insufferable. I know that she’s supposed to start out all rude and insensitive and b*tchy, but I could not stand her. At all. The other characters didn’t get a lot of time so I’m not sure what the deal is with all of them, but they were weird in the sense that they were always changing their minds and acting strangely for reasons unknown to the reader. Finn was the worst by far, she would show signs of character development and then randomly go back to being heartless and super annoying. She was one of the biggest problems in the book for me.

One of the other big problems I had was the writing. It was really choppy and repetitive. I’m pretty sure I read about Finn taking a shower and feeling the water wash away her stress or something along those lines about five times. The description of the scenery and the characters gave me a blurry view of this world that should’ve been so interesting to me with witches and powerful teenagers and dreams that could become reality, but instead I ended up confused and disappointed. The plot had the premise and makings of an awesome story, but it was so predictable and boring at times that I was ready to be done with the book. The whole time reading I kept thinking that maybe the ending is amazing or something, but it really didn’t do anything for me. Was that supposed to be a cliffhanger? I don’t know.

“I like to escape in the pages, you know. Sometimes, when you read something and let yourself get completely lost in the story, it makes you think your life isn’t as messed up as you think it is,” he admitted.

page 102 (ebook version)

There were a lot of things about this book that I could NOT handle. The writing felt really simple and awkward, I was bored a lot, the main character was probably supposed to have development but I couldn’t see any, the list kind of goes on and on. I wanted to like this book, but it just wasn’t for me. :/

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