REVIEW: The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical, Romance (some)

Published: 2014, McElderry Books

My Copy: Paperback (purchased at Barnes & Noble)

Summary: It is not easy being Magnus Bane. As a warlock, he’s often called upon to fix the problems of others. His life has been long, and his loves have been many. And Magnus has a way of making sure he’s in the right place at the right – or perhaps wrong – time. The French Revolution, Prohibition, the first great battle between Valentine and the New York Institute…

Magnus was there, and usually in the middle of it. Magnus will never be able to tell all of his tales. No one would believe him. But these eleven stories shed a little light on his often inscrutable character. They are stories he probably wishes had never got out. [Goodreads]

So, obviously, this book was fabulous (it is Magnus, after all). It took me a little longer to read than I anticipated, probably because it took me about a hundred pages to get used to the historical parts (I’m not that big into historical fiction), but once I got used to it, I really began to enjoy the stories. Cassie is a wonderful writer, and Magnus is such a complex and unique character. It’s basically a given that I would love it, if I’m being honest. If you know me even the tiniest bit, you know that I love everything that Cassandra Clare writes (she has three books coming out this year–I’m preparing for my death basically), and Magnus is so important to me, because he faces all these problems yet still manages to be powerful and loving and sassy. He’s definitely someone to look up to. Plus, he has so many awesome quotes from this books that I want to incorporate into my daily conversations.

“Magnus, you were trying to flirt with your own plate.”

“I’m a very open-minded sort of fellow!”

Let’s talk about the stories for a minute. The first couple were a little confusing because I didn’t have a character to connect to besides Magnus, but once we got into the ones with Herondales and Santiagos and Lightwoods and Fairchilds, I was totally hooked. And once I got to the ones with Alec, I was a total goner (I SHIP IT). Magnus and Alec are one of my favorite couples in Cassie’s writing (besides Simon + Izzy, Clary + Jace, Will + Tessa), and the stories with them just intensified my love (not even sorry).

pretty much me when Magnus described Alec being awkward and cute

To conclude: I LOVE ALL OF CASSANDRA CLARE’S BOOKS. When Lady Midnight comes out on March 8 (!!!!), someone should check in on me to make sure I’m okay (as okay as I can be, at least).

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


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